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Tai No Henko Ni

Basic Movement - Aikido - Beginner - White Belt


Literally "body change motion #2", it is referred to in English by the more descriptive "95 degree pivot".

The technique is related to the turning & opening (tenkan) motion that begins most of the #2 techniques. For example, it is the initial movement in Sokumen Irimi Nage Ni (Side step-in throw #2), which it precedes in the Kihon Dosa To Kanren Waza sequence.

Like the other basic movements, Tai No Henko Ni has three forms: Solo, with Partner and with Sword. The solo and with partner versions are show in the video at right.

As well, the movement is demonstrated in the video below, starting at 0:47s, along with its sister movement, Tai No Henko Ichi.

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