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Theory - Aikido - Beginner - White Belt

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Suriashi is a term meaning "foot work". For Aikido, it refers to the special way that the feet are used: to sense deeply the nature of contact between the bottoms of the feet when not moving, and to maintain as much of that connection as possible while the body is moving. Suriashi is one of the main principles of Aikido's standup body movements. It consists of a process of maximizing the contact between the flat of the bottoms of the feet and the ground.

When moving, the feet are kept flat, and they are lifted exactly enough to overcome friction with the surface being stood on, but not enough to stick. The feet slide along the surface, maintaining sensitivity to the varying traction (and a capacity to move confidently on a range of surfaces, e.g. tatami, concrete sidewalk, gravel, icy surfaces, with shoes or in bare feet, etc...). Suri-ashi attempts to avoid lifting the feet off the ground so that they lift above the ground, and contribute to a rise in height (particularly of the hips / center of gravity). 

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