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Studying Formations and Coordinated Movement

South Korean Riot Police training video, posted in 2011, but not sure when exactly it was filmed.

It shows very large groups, some pretending to be "protesters", and the rest working as riot police in various capacities. 

The tactics on the protester side are of course simulated and confined to anger and violent, undisciplined outbursts that come in waves of increasing intensity (but confined to a conspicuously narrow field of battle). Instead, what is evident and instructive is the extraordinary coordination of the police units, their careful use of formations and a variety of tactics that adapt as necessary.

Nonviolent activist affinity groups would do well to develop such capacities. In scenarios like anti-imperialist, pro-democracy, civil rights, etc., struggles, imagine what things might look like if the protagonists' and antagonists' level of discipline and coordination were reversed!