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Street Medics

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Gear & Fashion

Street Medic equipment is as varied as the people who use it. Many prefer 'paramedic' style pants, which have cargo pockets and loops for carrying gear. Also Popular is either a backpack or fanny pack to carry a first aid kit, saline, and LAW (Liquid Antacid in Water).

-Guides, protocols, tactics

First Aid Protocols for Street Medics

Who are the Street Medics?

Street Medics are lay volunteers who provide first aid and first contact care as a public service. They fill a need where people who are expressing their right to protest may require health care.

Why is there a need for Street Medics?

  • First responders may not be able to reach people, particularly if areas are considered insecure
  • First responders may be overwhelmed
  • People may not feel comfortable going to paramedics/ER due a perceived threat of such authorities, fear of arrest or due to precarious status.
  • Past experiences with similar mass gatherings suggest that Street Medics may provide a large proportion of the care sought by participants.

Street Medics are individuals with various types of health training who view health as a strategic resource for all struggles for justice and dignity. Street Medics will support activist groups and resistance movements by providing preventative health care, emergency first aid and aftercare.


These protocols are designed for lay volunteers who do not have existing medical training. They are not a replacement for trained health professionals. All Street Medics should work within their abilities and training, and always seek additional resources. Always call 911 if you are unsure.

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