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This is an abridged version of a print zine (images downloaded from The original author can be contacted at (used with permission).


Corrugated Carboard

I never use it. Because I don't get the detail I want and it falls apart real quick. But it works for one night slogan use.

Cereal Boxes/Manila Folder

Easy to cut, not very durable and will get "fuzzies" in the corners where cuts are made.

Matte Board

1.5 mm thick - hard to cut, but lasts a long time.


If it's thin enough (and easy) to cut then go for it. It'll be durable and able to manipulate in detail. Try 5 mil mylar.


Pretty flimsy but gets sturdier with more layers of paint. Easy to cut and very available. Not the best for applying to walls 'cause it's thin; tape helps.

Many of these materials can be scavenged from trash or found at art supply stores.

Cutting implements

Exacto knives with snap-off blades are my favorite. Utility knives and multi-tools work too. (Be sure to be careful when using blades or knives!)


Spray paint is the easiest. Matte finish dries quicker and looks better according to Banksy.

Acrylic or fabric paint can be brushed or sponged onto surfaces (this is better for fabrics and walls).

Spray Paint Caps

These change the thickness of the spray. You can get them at skate shops and hardware stores.

Spray Paint is toxic to your body and the environment. When handling paint, you should you use latex gloves, a respirator mask and use in a well ventilated area.


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