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Shumatsu Dosa Ichi

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Basic Movement - Aikido - Beginner - White Belt


Shumatsu Dosa translates as After-class Exercise. There are two forms, #1 & #2, which correspond to the two variations of techniques in general, pulling and pushing. 

The basic movement is the direct pre-cursor to Shihonage (e.g. Katate mochi Shihonage Ichi), and has the exact same lower body movement. Each of the two precede the corresponding technique in the Kihon Dosa To Kanren Waza sequence.

The #1 version consists of a deep shuffle, 45 degrees off the line (in the direction the lead foot is pointing), followed by a cross-step parallel to the original line, followed by a shift, followed by a shuffle.

The solo version is demonstrated by Chida Sensei in the first half of the video top right. 

Like the other basic movements, Shumatsu Dosa Ichi has three forms: Solo, with Partner and with Sword. All three are demonstrated in the Honbu Dojo video below.

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