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Initial Content

The Anti-Repression Committee of the Occupy Wall Street Activist Legal Working Group has provided the following documents to assist activists and affinity groups involved in protests and direct action. 

Stay Strong, Stay Safe - Creating Anti-Repression Strategies for the MovementThe documents contain content that is specific to actions in NY State, USA, (e.g. as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City). The information can serve as a base for other groups wishing to modify it for their own uses in their communities, and as a starting point for the development on this site of general resources for activists in a variety of locations and situations.

Emergency Response Worksheet - In the event of an arrest, these steps will be taken to ensure that your responsibilities and other needs are taken care of...

Injury Documentation - Shooting the Wounded - How to document your injuries for lawsuits and the media-center - by the Midnight Special Law Collective

Model Community Agreement

Dissident Survival Guide - A Field Manual to Encounters with Law Enforcement, Corporate Security and Other Hazards

Legal observers meet before a demonstration

This is the portal page to the Legal section of the site. Proposed content for this section includes:

  • Know your rights
    • Local info or general info
    • On (not) talking to police and gov't agents
    • Arrest
    • Jail
  • Process to exert legal rights
  • Legal Observer practice
  • Practice, process of using methods similar to forum theatre (see Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed) to develop legal (self-) advocacy skills
  • Police civilian interactions
  • Legal observers and activists atop a barricadeMovement defense
    • Planning
    • Fundraising
    • Pro-bono legal networks
  • Strategies Incorporating legal knowledge in self-defense and nonviolent action
  • Combining media, documentation and legal knowledge for movement defense & to reduce impunity
  • Methods of gathering media intelligence & proactive legal defense work
    • Continuity and integrity of records
    • Methods for crowdsourcing case material & CopWatch strategies
    • Live streaming

Collaboration for a Public Resource

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