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Technique - Aikido - Beginner - Yellow Belt

Animated .GIF of Shomen uchi Ikkajo Osae Ichi


Ikkajo (First control) - Comes in Nage (throw) and Osae (pin) forms

Arm control, primarily through contact between Sh'te's palm and Uke's elbow, used to roll the shoulder forward and pitch Uke face-first towards the ground

The two starting techniques are:

  • Shomen uchi (Front strike) Ikkajo Osae (1st Control Pin) Ichi (#1) - Sh'te enters strongly, Uke "pulling back"
  • Shomen uchi (Front strike) Ikkajo Osae (1st Control Pin) Ni (#2) - Uke enters strongly, Sh'te pivots away

Kihon Waza Forms

By Shodan (1st Degree black belt) Yoshinkan Aikido students are expected to be able to perform the following variations on Ikkajo:

  • Shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi & ni - Tachi & suwari waza
  • Yokomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi & ni - Tachi & suwari waza
  • Katate mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni  - Tachi & suwari waza
  • Kata mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni  - Tachi & suwari waza
  • Hiji mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni  - Tachi & suwari waza
  • Ushiro ryote mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni
  • Ushiro katate mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni
  • Ushiro ryohiji mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni
  • Ushiro eri mochi ikkajo osae ichi & ni

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