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Green Belt Section

Aikido Guide: Sections: White - Yellow - Orange - Green - Brown - Black

Testing Syllabi


  • Ukemi
    • Jumping front breakfall
    • Back Breakfall #5
    • Side breakfall
  • 180° pivots with partner
  • Basic Movements with partner
    • Shumatsu Dosa Ichi & Ni with partner (After-class exercise #1 & #2 with partner)
    • Tai No Henko Ichi & Ni with partner (Cross-step-in body change & 95 degree pivot with partner)
    • Hiriki No Yosei Ichi & Ni with partners (Elbow power #1 & 2 with partner)
  • Bokken No Kamae (Moving into Kamae with sword)
  • Basic Movements with sword
  • 180° Advanced Pivot
  • Jiyu-waza preparation

Close-up view of Kotegaeshi applied to a hand holding a Tanto (wooden practice knife)


  • Hijishime (Elbow lock)
  • Kotegaeshi (Outward wrist twist)
  • Ushiro Waza (attacks from behind)
  • Ushiro ryotemochi ikkajo (Behind both wrist grasp 1st control)
  • Yonkajo (4th Control)
  • Kokyu Nage (Breath throw)
  • Hijiate Kokyu Nage (Hitting-elbow breath throw) 
  • Ushiro Nage (Backwards throw)


  • Bokken (Wooden sword)
  • Blending, Harmony, Timing
  • Jiyu-waza (Continuation or Free-style sequence)


  • Spread of Aikido around the world

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