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wi·ki /ˈwikē/ Noun: 1. A Web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

Activists in a large circle lock their arms together inside tubes, forming the center of one of many intersection blockades, Seattle, November 1999

How to Help

  • Edit a page:
    • Add writing
    • Add links to relevant, existing outside content
    • Help improve wiki content (edit for spelling, grammar, clarity, brevity, etc...) 
    • Request the creation of new pages, either by starting a new blank page, or by putting links around words or phrases on existing pages. 
  • Comment on pages: 
    • Use the "Discussion" tab found on most pages to talk about things that work, things that don't, examples of use, best practices, caveats, etc...
  • Get the word out: 
    • Help publicize the existence of the site, and solicit senior activists in your community to contribute knowledge of the tactics and techniques used in past struggles. Spread the word among eager young activists with innovating new ideas.

To become involved in the creation and maintenance of this set of resources, please edit or comment, create an account, or contact for more information.

Initial Work

Intial work involved setting up this Drupal site and configuring it with Wiki-like capabilities. Curators are needed for each of the major book sections (e.g. Self-defense, Civil Disobedience, Medical, Legal, Media, etc..).

Assistance is welcome from writers and contributors, from people willing to help assemble existing content, and to assist in the development of new content in a variety of formats.

Collaboration for a Public Resource

The wealth of content in a Wiki site depends on the participation of its visitors making incremental improvements.

Because of the contentious nature of this content, and the ubiquity of spam, until a large community of defenders of the content exists (usually past authors and other interested parties), we require contributors to create a free account here. Users can then contribute, for example:

  • Editing a page using the 'Edit' tab.
  • Creating new pages by adding a link to potential topics, using [[ ]]
  • Contributions can be point form, expanding an existing paragraph, original writing, helping correct spelling, grammar or clarity, adding wiki syntax to non-wiki content, adding links to existing internet content, etc… Additions need not be complete or even well-crafted in order to move the content building forward.
  • Discussing page concepts and content using the 'Discussion'.
  • 'Watching' pages that you've edited or topics that interest you, and correct vandalism. Conceptual disagreements should be moved to the Discussion area.