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Emergency Response Worksheet

Chair and water cannonIn the event of an arrest, these steps will be taken to ensure that your responsibilities and other needs are taken care of...

1. Memorize your lawyer’s phone number asap. If you don’t have a lawyer, memorize this number:_____________________

2. Memorize your Emergency Contact Person’s (ECP) phone number. In jail, they may only allow one call. If this is the case, give your emergency contact person’s phone number to the lawyer’s secretary when you call and usually they don’t mind calling for you. If you meet with your lawyer prior to arrest, you can also put this information on file.

Emergency contact person: _________________________

Phone: _______________


List children/pets:

Circle one         Name of Emergency Care Person and phone

Child Pet Other ____________________________________________________

 (Use back of this sheet if more space is needed)

3. List an emergency care person for each child/pet and their contact info (if different from Emergency Contact Person.)

Your Emergency Contact Person will contact each care person and they will carry out your instructions. 

4. If you have Children, create a daily schedule on a separate sheet of paper and keep it updated. Make sure the emergency contact as well as the emergency care people have this information in advance. You may also want to have a pet feeding/walking schedule.

5. Have a plan for what you will tell your friends / lovers / family / children / school / job/ etc. if an arrest occurs.

This is who you can call:

Name_________ Relation_______ Number_____________

What to tell them___________________________________

Name_________ Relation_______ Number_____________

What to tell them___________________________________

This is who you SHOULD NOT CALL:

Name__________ Relation__________ Reason_________________

Name____________ Relation__________ Reason_________________

6. Put aside money for bail and a lawyer, or call these people for money:

Name____________ Relation__________ Number________________

Name____________ Relation__________ Number________________

7. Keep this and all other material/information in a safe place where you don’t work. Make sure you emergency response person has a KEY to your house.

Above all, make sure you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!!!


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