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Citizen Drone

Still image from a citizen drone used during #N8 protests in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 8, 2012Citizens take creative measures to film anti-government protests in Buenos Aires.

As Buenos Aires erupted in anti-government protests on Thursday night, rumours spread that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) had closed airspace over the city. One group of citizen journalists took matters into their own hands by flying a drone over the crowds to show the large scale of the rally.

Tens of thousands marched on the streets to protest rising inflation, violent crime and high-profile corruption. Many are also worried that Kirchner will move to end constitutional term limits in an attempt to hold onto power indefinitely. The government says the demonstrators largely consist of Argentina's upper-class, a claim refuted by many on the streets.

Video from the drone's camera:

by @ajstream

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