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Black Belt Section

Aikido Guide: Sections: White - Yellow - Orange - Green - Brown - Black

Testing Syllabi


  • Self Defense
    • Knife & Edged weapon defense
    • PPCT (Pressure-point control tactics)
  • Futari Dori practice (Multiple attackers)
  • Jiyu waza (Continuation or "free-style" sequences - continuous attack and defend)
    • Tanto dori (Knife attack)
    • Jo dori (Staff attack)
    • Bokken tori (Wooden sword attack)


  • Tanto Dori
  • Bokken Dori
  • Jo Dori
  • Buki Waza
    • Bokken Kata
    • Jo Kata
    • Tanto Kata


  • Psychology & Aikido, Engaging Mentally
  • Instructor Content
    • Organizing a Class, Warmups
    • Curriculum development
    • Pedagogy, teaching style & philosophy
    • Testing, student progression
    • Demonstrations
    • Organizing clubs, federation
  • Futari Dori, Dealing with Multiple Attackers
  • Aikido Philosophy
  • Musings on what Aikido is about, its place in the world, its potentials


  • Stories from individual members of a dojo, methods by which to honor those stories and create a sense of connection to the lineage of knowledge handed down.
  • Understanding the history of and process by which martial arts evolve, fracture, split, feud, merge, etc... and connecting this knowledge to an understanding of the place an individual practitioner, teacher, club or federation fits into that ongoing process.
  • The "secrect" teachings (mostly there aren't any... but then again, there are).

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