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BJJ White Belt


  • Shrimping
  • Hip out, hip in
  • Sprawling
  • "Gracie" Situps
  • "Judo" pushups
  • Belt climbing
  • Belly crawling
  • Frog-hopping
  • Lunges
  • Lying on back defensive drill ("keepaway" with the legs, touching the head game, getting up practice)
  • 4-points Balancing
  • 4-points Drill from Hands
  • Ukemi
    • Front breakfall with Judo/BJJ landing (sprawl/splat)

The Clinch

  • Closing the distance (Clinching)
  • Pummel Drill
  • Basic takedowns
    • Double leg
    • Single leg
    • Judo hip throw (O Goshi) 
    • Sit-down backwards takedown (Tomoe Nage)
    • Leg hook (Osoto Otoshi)

On the Ground

  • Basic Positions Drill
  • Escaping the Mount
    • Upward hip-lift ("buck and roll", "upa") escape
      • Arm around neck variation
    • Elbow-knee ("shrimp") escape
      • Foot drag
      • Foot lift
    • Mixed shrimp and buck drill
  • Stabilizing the Mount
  • Escaping Side mount
    • Elbow knee (Shrimping)
    • Spinout
    • Going to the knees
    • Escapes from scarf hold (Kesa gatame)
  • Passing the Guard
    • Over the leg
    • Under the leg
    • Standing
  • Guard sweeps
    • Scissor
    • Knee push
    • Hip bump (hip lift arm sweep)
    • Flower
  • Stabilizing the Guard

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