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Anza Ho

Exercise - Aikido - Beginner - White Belt


Anza Ho is the formal (polite) way of moving from the seiza position to a cross-legged seated position. In Aikido dojos, it is customary to sit in a formal position (ideally seiza) along the side of the mat while not directly practicing (e.g. bowing in or out ceremonies, when an instructor is speaking or demonstrating, etc...). As a continuation of the Japanese tradition, as well as for safety so that legs are tucked away and are not tripped over or fallen on, it is polite to sit if possible in seiza, and if the knees or legs are unable to tolerate it, to move formally using Anza Ho to the cross-legged position and back again before standing up. In traditional Yoshinkan Aikido dojos, standing and sitting is always done from Kamae with the formal Seiza Ho movement.


  1. Start in the Seiza position
  2. (In more formal dojos or with guest instructors) Bow using Rei Ho
  3. Shift the weight forward slightly onto the knees, while crossing the legs underneat you at the ankles.
  4. Rock backwards over the crossed legs ending up in a cross-legged sitting position.
  5. Try to maintain good posture while sitting cross-legged (both more polite and better for health).
  6. Reverse the steps to move back to Seiza.

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