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Aikido Guide

Caligraphy of the characters 'ai', 'ki' and 'do'



About this Guide

Each section of this material represents a division, corresponding to the belt colours used in many modern Aikido dojos, of the information that is part of the curriculum used by instructors at some Yoshinkan dojos. Similar material, sometimes with other names for techniques or movements, are used in many others.

It is intended initially to list the historical and theoretical knowledge, the exercises and techniques that are given focused study at a given level. While all students are encouraged to explore all the various aspects of Yoshinkan Aikido at any given belt colour, it is expected that they will have a greater appreciation of and interest in the material in their section.

As this content is developed, links will be added to articles for each entry, with the eventual goal of creating a comprehensive online resource, and making these available to our members, as well as to the wider Aikido community.

Collaboration for a Public Resource

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Because of the contentious nature of this content, and the ubiquity of spam, until a large community of defenders of the content exists (usually past authors and other interested parties), we require contributors to create a free account here. Users can then contribute, for example:

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