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Disarmy: (n) 1. A coordinated, organized, disciplined unit, trained in nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience tactics, for supporting liberation struggles and the self-defense of communities. 2. A collaborating body of such units engaged in social justice struggles.

Nonviolence vs Diversity of Tactics Dialogue

How Will the Walls Come Tumbling Down?

Nonviolence vs Diversity of Tactics in the Occupy Movement

Panel discussion event which took place on Dec. 15, sponsored by Occupy Oakland's events committee, which brought together 400 people for a dialogue, to better understand different perspectives, and work towards building a stronger, more united movement.


Quebec police wheel away the Teddy Bear Catapult during the FTAA protests in 2001

A disarmy is an organization of people involved in concerted and coordinated self-defense (activities that in society are normally conceived of as being in the domain of the police) and militant action (activities that, if employing other methods, would be normally considered military in nature), as well as ongoing training and preparation for such eventualities.

The disarmy is, first and foremost, a proposal for a new kind of organization, one that presents both the beginnings of a popular Plugin <em></em> Not Found, and one that advocates, plans and practices for an alternative approach to engaging in struggle: collective nonviolent direct action.

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